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Welcome to my new homepage! This site will showcase some of my portfolio pieces, as well as some on-going projects. Please fell free to browse my work. If you have any comments or suggestions--or if you just want to network--feel free to click on my email link at the bottom of the page or vist my blog. Enjoy! 

About Me:      

At present I am an Interior Design student (senior) with The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Online Division.The emphasis of my site is on the presentation of the various student and personal works which will showcase samples of both my creative talents and technical skills in the area of interior design and rendering.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I am an interior design student and a mom of three boys. My hobbies (when I can find the time for hobbies!) are listening to music, practicing yoga, cooking, and drawing. I also have an intense interest in medieval history, castles, Celtic lore, architecture, art, furniture design, and (of course) interior design.

Within the constructs of past employment, I exercised my creative juices doing such things as merchandising shoes, apparel, and household/grocery goods. After taking a short class on interior decorating in my early twenties, I caught the interior decorating bug, which in turn lead me (some years later) to look into schools that offer instruction on interior design. During the past few years at AIO I have discovered a deeper passion for interior design, along with some creative skills I never knew I possessed! A genuine appreciation for art, design, and creativity has turned into a desire to be a positive role model for my children, provide a better future for my family, and a drive to do something positive for humanity and environment. In many ways, I find myself coming full circle back to what I wanted to be years ago (before I got sidetracked in the world of retail!).

Personal Design Statement:

My personal design preferences fall under three categories:

Minimalism and geometric designs--Modern and Post Modern (Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier, Eileen Grey, Jacobsen, Andree Putman, etc.) architectural and interior design styles are a refreshing change from the traditional and contemporary styles that flood the market today. The simplicity of the geometric forms are stylish and artistic without being overblown.

Asian design—I have a particular interest in Japanese and Chinese design. These cultures use nature as inspiration, with a focus on how the visual environment affects a person’s state of mind. The multi-functional spaces of Japanese design are a good template for creating rooms that take advantage of all available space, and the monochromatic color schemes speak to my love of simplicity. 

Green design—Green design is an important aspect of the future of design. The general population is becoming increasingly aware of the effects of home products on interior and exterior environments, therefore my goal is to learn about these products and be a part of offering such items to the public. My personal (long term) goal is to build an off-the-grid dream home that uses recycled materials.

 The ultimate goal for me is to work in an environment that allows me to use any or all of these styles to enhance the interiors of clients’ home, as well as to build my own green home as a working example.

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